20 de abril de 2012

Biography director(s)

Please fill out the biography of max. ½ page:

The director always liked cinema, there wasn`t anything more captivating for him (apart opposite sex beauty) than the promotional poster of his neighborhood cinema which invited him to the next movie. As a child he was sociable, but not a street kid, shy and dreamy as adolescent. He was an hermit university student of Literature and hispanic language, at “Universidad de Chile”. There he writes his first thesis, about Michelangelo Antonioni`s inspiration from The devil`s drool, written by Julio Cortázar, in his film Blow up.

He meets love with a beautiful woman; they are in love for five years, up to a dark difficult time happens to him. He won`t be alive to talk about, if there wasn`t because a mapuchian machi. Then he run into failure as a lost soul up to he study cinema in ARCIS university, he goes through direction mention, but he left stand by his studies, up to he finally returns, having his script mention specializing at EICTV in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. When he goes back to Chili he takes an online Master in Script with ARS Media, Spain, and an online television and web series diploma at the same European institution. After working in Santiago, he chooses to go Chiloe, and make his own production company in audio-visual and multimedia contents, since documentary experience. He knows that later he will return to “film”. In parallel, he designs and writes his fictions and his first novel, with artistic subjects. He has in mind go back to ….

Filmography director(s)

Please fill out the filmography of max. ½ page:

His first works were brief fiction segments and a short film, Ellas II  (She II) captured in MiniDV in year 2002, exhibited in an audiovisual outdoors show in Ancud, Chiloe island.

Then he directs Aquadro an experimental documentary in mini dv, using polarizer filters and Fresnel light in order to express in a plastic way the conflict cycle of a universitary, but marginal painter accused of illicit association,  at steps to go into jail,  who affirms: “ No, I won`t give my self”.

After that he directs Spejismo his first fiction shot in 16 mm, exhibited in “Normandie Cinema” in Santiago, Chile, which was well received of the public.

Successively, he makes an adaptation for cinema of El Navaja a short story written by Vladimir Nabokov. A short film in 16 mm exhibited in “Cine Arte Alameda” and “EICTV”

Afterwards he writes documentary and TV series scripts, actually in pre – production development by his own production company. He also wrote two movies scripts (one of them with the advisory of EICTV), that he will direct when conditions makes it possible. He´s actually designing a folder with fiction projects, inspired in his field documentary notes. Those field notes are being recorded with a handycam Full HD, only as a necessary technician step, for their further professionalization, and consolidation as a film maker.



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